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They are real people, talking about real projects happening right now in your backyard. Never before has there been a way to monitor everything happening in your county or state every week — until now.


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Clear cut.

Insights taken word-for-word directly from the source: minutes and agendas. 


We'll provide you with names of vendors involved in projects so you know exactly who is involved. We'll also keep you updated overtime as more details get tacked on a project.


Only get information on projects your company pursues. Period.


No need to learn fancy shmancy software. We got that covered. All you need to know? How to open an Excel spread-sheet (and we know you're already a pro at that.) The simpler, the better.


We get it. Your project types are diverse and growing. You name it, we'll look for it.


All project info you receive comes from the most recent minutes and agendas of counties in your company's geographical reach. Everyone's different, so we'll work with you — no worries.

Our Promise.

Curate is powered by cutting-edge technology built right here in the Midwest. We started Curate in order to help our customers be the local experts in all markets, and we are dedicated to that.