Curate scans public documents from county and city websites, finds statements relevant to your business, and delivers new sales leads before they even go to bid.


We scan thousands of documents from hundreds of government websites looking for your "needle in a haystack" dream projects. We can tell you who has upcoming work, and who doesn't.


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We have chosen a few keywords that are important to different industries below, whether you are a construction firm looking for new projects, managing cell phone towers, or want to stay up to date with public opinion in cities across your state, Curate is the solution.


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The results above are real, they are real people talking about real projects happening right in your backyard. Curate can increase your sales by helping you spend your time more efficiently - showing you what is and is not happening around your state.


Curate is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, built by real people, right in Wisconsin. We started Curate to help regular people like you grow your business by focusing on local communities - and we are dedicated to that fact - we will never outsource any aspect of our product.


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