Our Process

CurateBUILD draws actionable insights on upcoming projects from minutes and agendas for general contractors and engineers.


We search through thousands of meeting documents from cities, townships, villages, counties, and school districts each week to find fresh information on upcoming construction projects.

By applying filters you set with us, we report only the most relevant pieces of information.

How You're Involved

Before you use CurateBUILD, we want to get to know you and your team! Relationships are at our core, and we know they're at yours too. 

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First, we'll listen to you.

How does your team operate? What types of projects do you undertake? Do you branch out across the state for work or stay close to home?


Second, we'll help you customize your report.

Don't worry, there's no extensive work on your end — simply tell us your major project types (retail, commercial, healthcare, etc) and our tech will know what filters to set.   

Bonus: Add specific filters such as competitors, developers, and vendors to give you a leg up in your industry.

We'll also make sure we're only searching through minutes and agendas of counties in your geographical reach.


Third, our tech does the work for you.

We'll run your filters through our system, which consolidates only the relevant information (excerpts from minutes and agendas flagged by your filters, such as a CUP for a new restaurant) in a weekly report we send to you.


Lastly, we'll check in and keep in touch.

After giving you a couple weeks of reports, we'll follow up to see how it's working for you. Feel free to tell us to change or add filters at any time with no additional cost to you — what you get out is what you put in.


We care that you're getting the most out of your reports. CurateBUILD works with you to provide the most actionable info on upcoming projects that make sense for your team.

Takeaways: Three Benefits to You and Your Team

(1) New Business Opportunities (2) Market Insight (3) Competitive Edge

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New Business Opportunities

Receive earliest detection of upcoming projects.

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Market Insight

Find out what's happening and who is involved.

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Competitive edge 

CurateBUILD also offers the ability to put in other keywords such as names of competitors, developers, and vendors.