Access to weekly reports sent straight to your inbox.

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Every week, we send you a new report curated with fresh insights about issues discussed during the latest local city, county, and school board meetings that may be of interest to you.

Reports are accessible via our web dashboard, which is shareable with members of your team.

know the power of Curatelocal

 {The insights you receive are real.}

They are real people, talking about real issues right now in your backyard. Never before has there been a way for associations to monitor every local municipality discussion happening in your county or state every week — until now.

Your Curated Report Is

Clear cut.

Issues taken word-for-word directly from the source: minutes and agendas. 


We provide you context from minutes and agendas that contain keywords relating to issues your association targets. For efficiency, we'll also provide you the link to the meeting document.


Only get insights on issues your association pursues. Period.


No need to learn fancy shmancy software. We got that covered. All you need to know? How to open an Excel spread-sheet (and we know you're already a pro at that.) The simpler, the better.


We get it. Your target issues are always changing. You name it, we'll look for it.


All project info you receive comes from the most recent minutes and agendas of counties in your association's geographical reach. Everyone's different, so we'll work with you — no worries.