Walk into any retail store or clothing department, and you may find yourself wondering: I like that top or Those are really nice pants, they’d look great on me.

Rarely do we find ourselves worrying, Will my co-worker show up tomorrow wearing the same thing?

If we like an article of clothing, we buy it without giving other people’s wardrobe a second thought.

The same thought process goes if you’re a general contractor or engineer.

That is, instead of searching for your next best biz cazh ensemble in a retail store or department, you may search for your next big project in minutes and agendas.

...without worrying if your competitor is chasing that project too.

After all, would knowing that your competitor is checking out the same project as you make you turn around and put that potential win for your company back on the shelf?

Probably not.

While we all know these minutes and agendas are accessible to everything who cares to visit local-municipality websites, we each have so many different “tastes” in the types of upcoming projects discussed that we don’t mind if our competitors are reading these too.

With that in mind, this is how Curate operates — sort of like your own personal stylist.

We do the hard work of, well, curating the best information from minutes and agendas for you based on your interests so that you don’t have to spend time finding the most suitable projects in these hundreds of pages yourself.

Whether it be the names of competitors or architects/engineers/vendors/developers you commonly work with or words indicating upcoming projects your team would be interested in, such as “clinic” or “lift station,” the options are endless.

As long as someone’s discussed it during a local commission, committee, or board meeting, we find it and provide the results for you in a web dashboard.

And just like a personal stylist, we work to ensure they will be tailored to fit only your company.

Announcing CurateLOCAL: Find ongoing issues straight from local discussions


This week, we are excited to announce a new branch of Curate — CurateLOCAL!

The aim of CurateLOCAL is to keep associations in-the-know on hot-button issues discussed each week in every community across their state.

We do this by scanning the source of these discussions in their rawest form: minutes and agendas from local municipality commission, committee, and board meetings.

Contrary to the traditional way an informed citizen or association member would digest information about issues discussed in their community, CurateLOCAL provides a report of only the most relevant "snippets" of discussion posted verbatim in minutes and agendas.

And since we understand different associations track different issues, the report we generate weekly is different for everyone — containing mentions of only an association's specific target issues.

By scanning thousands of minutes and agendas for the local municipalities in all counties across a state each week, we're helping associations find the needle in the haystack.

From ordinance changes or creation in a community to geography-sensitive issues such as broadband access, what we're finding helps associations stay up-to-date on all municipal discussions and decisions that impact their members.

Overall, helping them become the local expert on hot-button issues anywhere in their state from anywhere.

Because who doesn't like being in more than one place at a time?

The neighborhood down the pike


It goes without saying we all know our own neighborhood pretty well.

We know when so-and-so’s baby is due and what so-and-so’s youngest son is doing for the summer. (Hopefully, cutting your grass.)

But when it comes to the neighborhood down the pike, we’re not always the expert.

The same, we at Curate realize, goes for the construction industry.

Ideally, knowing so-and-so engineer or so-and-so architect in the neighboring city or county goes a long way, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll keep you top-of-mind on the happenings in their neck of the woods.

This is where Curate comes in: To help you become (and stay) the local expert in your market from wherever you call home.

We do this by flagging all mentions of specific developers, engineers, and/or architects who bring projects to cities, counties, or school boards meetings.

After all, we understand the importance of knowing exactly who is involved on a project at the earliest stage possible — as they go through commissions such as planning and economic development — before it reaches the papers and before it reaches your neighbors.

By leveraging the crazy amount of detail found in these commissions’ minutes and agendas across all counties, this means potential networking opportunities with so-and-so engineer or so-and-so architect won’t fall through the cracks.

...Even if they live in the neighborhood down the pike.

Happy birthday, Curate!


Time flies! Today marks Curate's second birthday. We started as a napkin idea two years ago, shaped by the challenges faced by a former construction project manager and the innovative technology of a PhD computer science candidate — both former University of Wisconsin-Madison students and natives of the Midwest.

In two years, we've grown to a team of six, located just two blocks from where we began in the downtown-Madison gener8tor office, one of the country's best startup accelerators. Our technology is now pulling the minutes and agendas in seven states and our new web dashboard makes these insights more accessible for our customers.

We're excited to see what the future has in store, and look forward to continue helping general contractors, engineers, realtors, and lobbyists throughout the Midwest become local experts in their markets!

Happy birthday, Curate, and thank you to everyone who's helped build us up along the way!